At Strup & Strup we work with Brand Journalism, Content Marketing and PR for a number of public and private clients in Denmark and Scandinavia. We help our clients identify and tell their stories on social media, in newsletters, in the press and on offline platforms as well.

You’ve probably heard the term “facts tell, stories sell.” And you can probably remember the good stories rather than boring facts. The good story is the heart of everything we do at Strup & Strup.

Our background is in journalism, and we have specialized in Brand Journalism – a new kind of journalism for businesses and organizations. Your company can use Brand Journalism to stand out. You can have an active news site with stories, features, interviews with thought leaders, infographics and gorgeous photos.

How can we help you?

We help our customers in 3 different ways:

  • We create your content
  • Strategy and consulting
  • Workshops and teaching

With a thought-through and well-executed Brand Journalism strategy, you will establish yourself and your company as the expert – the “go to place” in your industry.

7 Principles of Brand Journalism – a la Strup & Strup

  1. Good stories told with a journalistic approach
  2. Organized and filtered in a news desk
  3. Transparency
  4. Significant, useful and entertaining
  5. Honest and without propaganda
  6. Measurable
  7. Supports the company’s or organization’s overall strategy

You can do it too – 7 tips to get started

  1. Look at your audience – what stories from the company / organization is it interested in hearing?
  2. Find your audience – online and offline.
  3. Know the news criteria (timeliness, significance, identification, sensation)
  4. Look at yourselves with a “reporter’s eyes and identify your good stories? (Yes, you have a lot if them!)
  5. Think of synergy between your channels and platforms.
  6. Hire professional help to establish a strategy and get down to work.
  7. Evaluate after six months – how does it work for you?

We are passionate about Brand Journalism. It combines good stories with good marketing. What’s not to love?

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